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  1. (Englisch) Hey everybody, I have now again tested the Apex Legends Hack by Leviathan and must say that he is quite good. At first I was rather suspicious because the menu is and was a bit flawed. But the features in it are very safe as I have found. The menu itself might look a bit more beautiful and professional but I think that would be a bit of a bitch on a high level. The AimBot works very well! The only thing that bothers me a bit is the AimBot detection that, when I want to target an opponent, the AimBot sometimes attacks someone from a further distance and thus does not target the opponents in front of you. Otherwise you can use the AimBot, without which you get caught, you will have an AimBot. I’ve been playing for several days without being banned. I have played many rounds in the leaderboards and have not been banned yet. The ESP of the items and ammunition also works very well. My conclusion: The hack of Leviathan is top! But expandable I have now bought the hack for 30 days to support the programmer and! For someone who doesn’t want to spend more this hack is enough. With best regards CaLaVeRaXGER☺️ (Deutsch) Hey zusammen, Ich habe jetzt nochmal den Apex Legends Hack von Leviathan getestet und muss sagen das er doch ganz gut ist. Anfangs war ich eher misstrauisch da das Menü etwas Fehlerhaft ist und war. Aber die Funktionen darin sind sehr sicher wie ich festgestellt habe. Das Menü selber könnte zwar etwas schöner und Professioneller aussehen aber ich denke, das wäre Meckern auf hohen Niveau. Der AimBot funktioniert sehr gut! Das einzige, was mich etwas stört, ist die AimBot Erfassung den, wenn ich einen Gegner anvisieren möchte, greift der AimBot manchmal jemand aus einer weiteren Entfernung auf und visiert somit nicht den vor dir stehenden Gegnern. Ansonsten kann man den AimBot Nutzen, ohne das man erwischt, wird das man einen AimBot hat. Ich spiele schon seit mehren Tagen, ohne das ich gebannt wurde. Ich habe viele runden in Ranglisten gespielt und wurde noch nicht gebannt. Das ESP der Items und Munition funktioniert ebenfalls sehr gut. Mein Fazit: Der Hack von Leviathan ist top! Aber ausbaufähig Ich habe mir den Hack nun auch für 30 Tage gekauft um den Programmierer und zu unterstützen! Für jemand der nicht mehr ausgeben will reicht dieser Hack völlig. Mit besten grüßen CaLaVeRaXGER☺️
  2. Rating of: Apex Legends | Quantum? Opinion: This is by far the best hack I have ever used, it is clear and easy to use. As a newbie who doesn't know the hack menu, it takes something like 5-10 minutes to understand the menu properly. The structure of the functions is also very clear. The much fallt of the functions are quite enough for the Battle Royale game however I wish a few more functions that would improve the gaming fun with the hack, more on that later. Designs: The appearance of the hack menu is kept simple and clear, a function of the individual customize would perhaps still be an idea for the menu. To make it a little nicer for the user. Would be nothing more than a gimmick for the user. Function: The functionality of the hack leaves nothing to be desired, the AimBot works without problems, the Wallhack and the ESPs are flawless and make no difficulties. The exact setting of the radius of enemies I also find very helpful. In addition, the setting of the colors of the opponent. The function that allows you to skip the tutorial is one of the simplest but best functions that have been built in. With the other functions you are used to it as a hacker/cheater and appreciate the work of the coder! Improvements: As mentioned before, I would have a few ideas for new features regarding the hack. - Saving the settings - Weapons & ammo etc. OPK (That you can phone ammo, weapons to you via a button.) - Design setting possibilities, change size, color of the menu. - Rank Hack (Visual) - Speed up ultimate ability those would be my suggestions for improvement. My recommendation: Quantum's hack for Apex Legends is highly recommended! The price is fair and if you want to get it I recommend the 79,99$ variant which is cheaper and you get much more from the hack. For testing the hack the 10,00$ is also fair! The price also includes a HWID spoofer which you don't have to buy extra. The work of the coder Quantum is flawless and accurate! I remain with you regular customer and look forward to future new features. Other hacks I will test soon! With best regards CaLaVeRaXGER
  3. Hey all! I have now bought more hacks and am as expected thrilled! The work that the guys put into the hacks is remarkable. Everything works as expected just great! I was very skeptical at first but changed after I bought the Apex Legends hack for testing. The HWID spoofer that comes with the Apex Legends hack works flawlessly! If you need help, the support is immediately available and helps where it can! The prices of the hacks are very shocking for some, but you have to remember that the work for the coders should also be paid, because the coders do perfect work! In addition, I bought the COD Cold War Hack for 24H to test and am also very satisfied with it! It is easy to use and easy to understand! Improvement suggestion with Apex Legends You could maybe, if that is possible, add a function to the hack where it is possible to change the, level. Of course, only visually because that is not saved on the server, so you can deceive team members because if you hack and have many kills but is a low level, it is very noticeable. I also think that I will support the development and the team of Battlelog with a VIP package! I would like to thank the team and the coders for the hard and accurate work you do for us every day! THANKS!!!!
  4. Hey all, Would like to give my feedback now. I bought the Apex Legends cheat yesterday evening for 24h, and was thrilled about how well it worked. I can only recommend this site and will also pass it on to friends. You don't have to worry about getting screwed either. This site is 100% fair and reliable! I will also be purchasing the Apex Legends cheat for 30 days to test it further and get excited about using the features! Very good work, keep it up! Best regards CaLaVeRaXGER