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  1. Even tho the Apex deluxe update took some time to finish, but the product is still so good. 0 bans and the whole day played again. I get this feeling that this company cares about their clients unlike some other sites, not to name any sites but almost every other site doesn't care about the product or clients. Battlelog does, theres a big difference and thats why I'm staying here as a client. For example I was promised time credit from the hack because of the update, first my license key didnt work. But quick message to Live chat and I had credided key in 15minutes. Love this company and their Apex products 🙂 keep it up so the customers will keep coming
  2. goldyx

    Apex Deluxe

    This hack is awesome and so simple. Never been banned using this many days straight. Love it! But could we get the update for it quick 😄
  3. goldyx

    Apex Deluxe

    Nice easy simple hack easy to use. And most importantly didnt get banned the whole day I was playing of course not trigger aiming. Super!! Definetly coming back again.