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  1. So to finish up my testing of most of the WZ hacks available here, I have to say I was not having much fun while using Exclusive. The aimbot is frequently off target, the ESP Box and Skeletons are often not aligned with the player models, and my game has crashed several times while using the hack. I have tried to be quite extensive in my other reviews, but I am struggling to do so with Exclusive. I honestly would not recommend this hack to anyone when there are much better performing options for the same price. I do not like being brief with reviews, or overly critical, but I honestly can not find much else to say after having tested Leviathan and Supreme as well. Both are better options. The only one left that I have not reviewed is Premium, and I likely wont due to the price. But if you are considering Exclusive, I would suggest checking out Supreme or Leviathan first.
  2. I posted another review that was being rather critical of Leviathan. Mods can feel free to remove that one if they wish. After having a solid length of gameplay using Leviathan, I have to admit, I like it. But it is not without flaw. The Aimbot is fast, responsive, and lag free. ESP settings do not seem to lag the gameplay at any point either. The autoshoot function is great, and when paired with the WaitScope option, it is a beast in quick-scoping scenarios. Many features in this hack could use more detail on what they do, however. I touched on this in my other post, but I will briefly mention them here as well just in case my other post is removed, which I would recommend due to it being based on an initial reaction, before serious and extended use of the hack. Features under the ESP menu that could use some clarification is "boomb". I have no idea what this does as "boomb" is not a word in the English language, or several others that I am familiar with. The "Items" option in the ESP menu is great for finding resources and cash. But I would recommend being able to toggle items on and off individually as having more items show than a player is in need of adds to screen clutter. Personally, when I play, I am mostly only interested in where cash and killstreaks are located. If the option to show a label for supply boxes could be added, that would be a phenomenal combination, once removing other items from being visible. The ability to be alerted when players are targeting you is great for many. I personally do not use it, but I am sure there are many others that do an appreciate it. It is a great addition to the hack. Under the "Aimbot" menu there are a couple of items that could be worded more clearly. These include "Predict", which I can only assume is predictive aim for such this as headshots on a moving target? I am really not sure exactly what it is. "ReChoose" is another that I have no idea what it does. I can only assume it would automatically select a new target once the primary target is down, but that is nothing more than a guess. Finally, we have "ShowRange" and "Range". These are what are most commonly known as FOV settings. Rewording of these menu labels would be highly recommended. Range is often used to describe distance. I actually assumed that "ShowRange" would show the distance away from a target, and assumed the "Range" option adjusted how far away from the player the aimbot would target another player. Because of this, I increased the "Range" to 800. When one makes this misinterpretation and has "Autoshoot" enabled, the aimbot unleashes hell on anything and everything the moment the player is loaded in game, as the FOV for the aimbot is the entire screen, or close to it. This could end very badly as it makes the aimbot ridiculously obvious. Changing these labels to something more common and descriptive, such as, "ShowFOV" and "FOV Area" would be highly beneficial to the users. All of that said, Leviathan runs extremely smooth, has some great features, and would be highly recommended if a user knows what they are doing with the options. The support here is great, when I installed my first hack, I actually had to contact them and get a bit of information on finding a step that I missed. The help was great, clear, and fast. As I am sure they would be with any questions about functions and features as well. Personally, when my 24 HR key expires, I will be going back to Supreme 2.0 because I paid for a full week of it, and while the aimbot does not function as smoothly as precisely as Leviathan, it does have options for selective item ESP. I would love to see these same features in Leviathan. Once my 7 days are up with Supreme, I am going to have a decision to make because I do like them both, and both have their own perks and downfalls. In short, if you want great aimbot function and research the features ahead of time, Leviathan is the only chose. But if you want more tailoring options for such things as hiding the hack while streaming or more control of screen clutter when showing items, you may wish to look towards Supreme. I have not tried the others as of yet.
  3. Battlelog is great for offering different variations of hacks for a single game. Unfortunately, with this comes the need to compare before purchase. I chose a 24 hour license for Warzone Supreme 2.0 to try it out. I chose Supreme because of the UI alone. It is simple, clean, and inviting. After a day of use, I came back for a 7 day license. I would definitely recommend it, however I have not tried others; This is mainly because the install and prep process is a bit of a handful and I did not want to have to do it more than once if it differs between hack variations. Some features could use a little explanation. Such as the effect of increasing or decreasing smoothness numbers (the higher it is the more natural it appears, lower numbers make for a snappy and very noticeable aiming), as well as Player Eye under the ESP setting; Not sure what this does, though it would be great to know. Other than a bit more of detail, the only other thing I would recommend is maybe an autoshoot function. I noticed Leviathan has one, but again, I have not tested other variations. This would make quick-scoping much easier, as well as long distance shots. All-in-all, I am happy with my purchase, though prices for this stuff these days are unreal all around the web. I had to choose between purchasing a hack for a free game, or getting Cold War. I chose the hack for now; I can not justify the cost of hacks for two games right now. In short, highly recommended, but it could use a little attention in detail.