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  1. The aimbot is good, but you can't change the hotkey / toggle button from mouse 2. So everytime you aim down sight, the aimbot is on. Please can you add a feature to assign a hotkey to toggle the aimbot? I'd like to assign "V" or something to turn it on while aiming down sight
  2. Been using Leviathan for about 8 days so far. Used Supreme 2.0 for 8 days prior to that. Pros: Much smoother, much fewer frame drops than Supreme 2.0 Menu is very easy to navigate Don't notice much if any drop in FPS when using this, as opposed to Supreme 2.0 Cons: Can't change the aimbot activation button from RMB No explanation to what each setting does - PLEASE add a description of each setting in the cheat description page! All in all, very happy with Leviathan. It would be nice to have a recoil reduction mode