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  1. Mosg

    Cheat prices

    I've been using this site for over 4months now, I've noticed alot of people have wondered why the cheats are " abit more expensive" than other providers, after using another cheaper provider for sometime...battlelog remains the best, very little downtime, very quick support and we're always updated on what's going on ! The service I get from this site is SUPERIOR,I will without a heart beat continue using your services...totally worth every single penny..thank you for always offering superior service and quality.. Kind regards .
  2. Mosg

    Warzone leviathan

    I've been using this hack for about 3months now, very happy with it and by far the best aimbot..however I noticed that there's no "anti recoil" such as exclusive,only thing that is missing to make it THE MOST PERFECT ONE,please consider adding this ! Pretty please !!!