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  1. Hello Battlelog team! I just want to start by saying I’ve used the premium in previous months and I wanted to purchase it again to test the rapid fire and play around with the no recoil. My question is when it comes to these two features, why are they considered unsafe? Is it easier for the anti cheat to detect you with the features ticked on or is it simply easier for the human watching your gameplay to decide your cheating and make the manual ban process easier for them. Thank you in advanced for being the absolute best and most professional team out there!❤️
  2. I just wanted to say thank you to the entire Battlelog team. At the end of the day you guys are providing cheats for triple a titles and you’re providing services that go against the terms of service of said games. You guys take it in such a professional way, and I can say for me personally, you guys have done everything you can to help me through any issues I’ve had. People may complain about the prices but it is worth absolutely every dollar for the support and the quality of the services. Again thank you so much Battlelog team. Love your guys’ work and I will continue to follow and utilize the services you offer!❤️
  3. Hello, I just wanted to post this for anyone wanting to turn off the auto shoot. Open the cfg file included with the download or the one that's already in users\admin\local\roaming and hit ctrl+f to open find. Search for trigger twice and change triggerbot from "triggerbot=1.0" to "triggerbot=0"