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  1. Eluder

    Domo Arigatou!

    Took advantage of the Black Friday discount sale. Thank you Battle Log team and happy holidays!
  2. Roy had tried all possible troubleshooting solutions to help me get my Faze Spoofer working but nothing worked. Came to the conclusion that it could be due to my C drive being on an m.2 and might be conflicting with the program. He opened a ticket with the Admin team to request a change of Key for one of the games I requested. Shoutout to Roy my man, you really tried your best and I appreciated it! Battlelog really does care about it's customers and I'm glad I found a LEGIT place to buy LEGIT hacks from!
  3. Eluder

    Faze Spoofer

    I have a question, for step #10 Download PC Health Check and create a system image, do you have to do this every time you play or just once for the "First Preparation" process? Thanks
  4. Eluder

    Quantum AL

    I tried Leviathan and it works like a charm. Been checking the status page everyday and noticed Quantum has been “updating” for more than a week. Can I please get the status on when this will be finished? I really want to try it out. Appreciate it!
  5. Eluder

    AL Quantum

    Just wanted to know what the status was for the AL Quantum hack? Would love to use my key and try this one out when it gets done updating, possibly buy the month pass if it’s good. I really enjoyed Leviathan. Appreciate the discount codes too! Keep up the killer work BL team!