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  1. one of the best hacks I've used on your site also concidering how new the game is! needs a few tunes here and there but overall a beast! great for assult but also sniping. 1 con, and would love to know if this is something youll look at, but horrible with vehicles. as the vehicle aim goes out of the fov so doesnt lock on.
  2. anstey

    EFT Leviathan

    Absolutely love this cheat. long time customer of the site, not going to lie past few game cheats I had resulted in a couple bans (not mad cheating, so will happen eventually was just disappointed how quick some of them came in.) and even issues with getting the cheat started. But this cheat has revived my faith in the site. started with the 24hrs then into the week and now using the monthly with no bans and loving it. Biggest requests / downfalls of the perfect EFT cheat: No aim visible only (defo doing some sketchy things locking on to enemies across the map. even died a few times due to close quarters and locking onto a scav on the other side of the map. Would love to see an update in exfils, not all of them have the right names to the maps, and some are even wrong sometimes. be good to see too at which exfils have requirements and can i meet them. No recoil % would be nice to avoid detection, obviously no problems here and ive been using it but having it toned back just a little or having it a little random is options ive loved from other cheats you have. Overall Amazing cheat. RECOMMEND