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  1. I purchased the 24 hour access to the valorant cheats. Be aware that injecting the cheats a prepping it is pretty complicated so you will need basic computer knowledge. The cheats did indeed work and I was satisfied with them. If you buy the 24 hour version be aware that the wall hacks may be a little buggy and not always show. I was satisfied with them since I paid $8. I'd recommend softening the aimbot, but if you dont (like me) and keep it like a snap, just say your smurfing and you should be fine. Here is where it gets tricky though, I still had access after the 24 hours so I figured why not use it, and ended up getting banned. Pretty unfortunate, but I'm not going to blame the cheats, I used it way too casually. If the main thing you are wondering though is if these are legit. Yes. The Valorant 24-Hour cheats will give you buggy wall-hacks and really good aimbot.