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    Faze Spoofer

    In the past i have had no problems with this spoofer at all. I would use it before I played games, Then i would restart my computer when i was done, Re-Activate my windows and go about my day. As of recently whenever i use this spoofer, it literally screws my entire computer up after restarting. I use the spoofer then restart my computer, i cannot reactivate it no matter what i do. I tried going into the registry, manually inputting my key through an elevated CMD prompt. Because of this I am unable to use it because i use my computer for work and had to full reset my computer twice last week as using a system image reset didnt even work. Any office program i use for work i would not be able to use. Leaving this spoofer unusable for me unfortunately. Other then that, This spoofer has left me ban free for the last few months and i recommend it across the board for anything else! X
  2. I have had excellent success with this hack. It has worked for me perfectly. The support that comes with this hack is worth the spendy prices alone. Any issues you might have getting your hacks to work will be quickly resolved and explained to you so you understand what you missed and how to use them. I had a great experience fixing an issue i had working with site moderator Frost13. He was very respectful and quick. Since i have started using this hack there have been two updates and i personally using the MW Premium VIP had updated hacks and was ready to go again only a few hours later. You can very easily use this hack and win game after game of warzone and run the table in multiplayer without anyone being suspicious that you are hacking. I highly recommend this hack to anyone who is in the market for it. 5/5 stars. -X