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  1. Gona keep this short and sweet and to the point. Used Old apex levi and it was 1000x better than the new one though some of the options on it where quite egregious and could have been toned down I feel like the opposite is true for the new apex levi2.0 the ESP is great works just like it should and I like the fact that it tells you armor color but the aim assist/aimbot has no slider or bone selection and almost feels non existent. I feel like my aim was exactly the same and was only slightly better due to how the ESP lights up your targets so well that them being so bright is what actually made my aim better. It could definitely either use a slider or be tuned up just slightly because as I said I don't think I even had one time where it helped me one clip someone even once. I like it overall but for the price tag I don't think it's worth using when ghost is better and the same price.
  2. Just letting you guys know that somehow after a night of using it with no problems with the hack itself it's great but I logged on my computer today and apex was uninstalled for whatever reason. Nobody but me uses my computer so I'm assuming somehow a weird interaction with the hack caused this.