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  1. Just want to start out by saying Thank you Frost for replying back. I am now in the process of fixing my issue with the help of JP with customer Support. I know the Battlelog team catches some grief time to time as I was one that did as well. But what I have come to realize is, 9 times out of 10 it is user error. But Kudos to the staff that put in the time to try and keep all of us up and running. Hope you all have a great day!!
  2. Where to start...... First I want to apologize to the battlelog team. They helped me more than I could ever expect. I had an issue and without thinking I spammed the support ticket quite a few times. What that does is creates more tickets and you actually keep getting further behind. Kudos to support and Frost for keeping me level headed. But then this new guy I have never spoke to comes along by the name Carl, and he explains things for me and gets it all squared up. So now I have 3 people that will absolutely go out of there way to help you. I just want everyone to know how hard they try to keep everything running smoothly, and then they have someone like me that is extremely frustrated and I act as if this is a click of a button. Please give them time to fix any problems you may have and do as they say. I did not listen and that is why it took much longer. Thank you for EVERY THING!!!!!!!!