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  1. This is the first time i used hacks, i thought it would of been a scam but none the less the team from battle log has helped me. 100% legit hacks. I was skeptical at first but turned out to be legit so anyone ever wondering. (TRUST THEM) and me it works lol. Thank you again :) Hope Warzone Supreme comes up soon !
  2. Zuzz

    Hi frost, im just wondering, how do i know what i purchase is gonna be legit? I've heard a lot about scammers. Also are the Warzone hacks undetected? This is my first time buying hacks so it would be nice to know :)

    1. Frost


      Hey Zuzz! ? and welcome to battlelog ❤️ we are legit page with almost 20,000 users and growing fast! we are not in the market to scam but to help, support and make people excited about gaming! if you have any concerns what so ever I'm always available and you can always send me message ?