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  1. Hello dear users, today I want to give my sincere opinion about this site and also this community, without any interest I declare Battlelog the best and safest site from which you can buy hacks. Yesterday I bought Pubg Ghost and to my surprise it didn't work (at least for me), I made a ticket in which I complained about the services offered, Mr. SnowBall the leader of this site offered his help immediately and gave me offered another key for Bionic Pub. The bottom line is that this is by far the hottest site. Thank you SnowBall for your help and dedication.ūü•ĶūüíĖ
  2. Hello dear users, I am glad to return to this community with a new review, as always from Battelog and this time they did the job at the highest level, a wonderful cheat very easy to use. Thanks to our Snowball brother for this platform.
  3. I come back with a new review, regarding this platform. Battlelog offers quality chets, 100% safe, again my pub account took ban for investigators, but unfortunately for them they did not find anything suspicious. Thanks again for the quality of the products. A wonderful day for all users.
  4. Hello dear users, today I have to make a very important announcement about Quantum pub, yesterday I was informed that I received a 24 hour ban for investigations, today my account was unlocked, this proves that the hack is 100% undetectable, by this way I want to thank the battelog because it offers us 100% safe and high quality products. Thank you and I will always be happy to return to this platform.
  5. Hello dear users, today I will tell you the honest opinion about the Quantum product for PUBG, I bought it today for 7 days, the cheat works very well except the recoil which is completely missing. I hope that the problem will be solved soon so that I can enjoy the product to the fullest.