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  1. Hey guys, I thought i would share the settings I use, that helps me prevent getting shadow banned and then banned, ive been playing over 100+ games so far on my account and havent been banned. Fov - 30-40 (the smaller the better) so i would say 30, also put smoothness to 5 and put to headshots. these settings so far have prevented me getting banned and improved my aim, using these settings makes you look more legit and you can play it off. Bare in MIND! using esp, do not wall trace people or run directly at them, this will make the player suspicious of you and report you. I tend to bait them to me by slamming doors and making noise so they know where you are and seek you. if you do want to engage i suggest checking all corners of each room as you attack as if you were legit. Happy Gaming Guys and have fun!
  2. With geralds installation he done it quick and efficiently, the vip hack is so good and faze spoofer is great aswell, played over 20+ games so far and no shadowban love the hacks guys keep it up 🤘🏼👊🏼
  3. I would like to say I love your supreme hack for mw, also the faze spoofer was good until the updated one came out then it stopped working on my pc, big thanks to the support team, who swapped my faze for ghost spoofer and now the ghost is working perfect. you guys are great at what you do and have a lovely support team, i highly recommend BATTELOG.CO to anyone interested in hacks and getting excellent customer service. i will continue to purchase these hacks and spoofers because they are reliable and if any issues pop up they will help you as much as they can to get you back online and gaming! thank you, you legends! and no this is not a paid review or anything I am a customer who is very happy 🙂 keep gaming people and keep being legends Battlelog team