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  1. I bought the Super Hwid Spoofer for the first time yesterday. And followed the manual. But I've had a lot of errors. 1. Resource and Performance Monitor has stopped working. 2. Microsoft Windows Repair Disc has stopped working. 3. Microsoft\fsavailux has stopped working. 4. R&R installer has stopped working. 5. Create a Windows TO GO workspace has stopped working. Then I asked Frost13 for help and he gladly gave me the discord and TeamViewer He helped me perfectly by correcting so many errors in a short time. I thanked him and asked for a PayPal/BTC because I wanted to pay him. But he told me he wouldn't accept the money. He said, Bro I'm here for you, to help you when you get stuck I was very hard because I was not good at English because I was Korean. I was exhausted by the errors. He is a very grateful person. I'd like to thank him. Frost13 Thank you very much.?