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  1. iNVALiD

    WZ Premium 1.0

    ive been using Prem 1.0 for over a year never banned it was by far the best cheat this site had to offer the aimbot was so smooth the skeleton wallhacks were the best the built in spoofer was great i used it to run cheats on different games the recoil control was by far the best ive ever used the aim down sight made a huge difference even at the (lowest non obvious) point the screenshot counter made me feel safe whenever i seen it start going up i knew to up the aimbot settings a bit more it helped me find the perfect aimbot settings IDK why yall got rid of it but i truly hope yall have a change of mind n bring it back. even if yall have to up the price a lil more itll be worth every penny #PleaseBringBackPremium1.0
  2. iNVALiD

    Warzone Prem

    Ive been using Premium forever its amazing i use 17 FOV n 30 it feels more like aim assist Frost can you give me good FOV/aimbot Sens/Recoil suggestions been scared to experiment n i seen you have over 600+ hrs
  3. iNVALiD

    Apex Premium

    I've been using the Apex cheat a lot for almost a month now. Time for a review. FEATURES aimbot and ESP. The ESP is great, it works flawlessly. The aimbot is pretty good, at medium/long range it is perfect, close range not so much too much movement so the aimbot doesnt lock on the most underrated feature that other hacks didnt have is the glow and different team glow color its great to know when someone is alone or has a team not too far away. SECURITY The best part about the cheat is obviously the security, you can feel secure long as you dont rage in the built in spoofer is definitely a great bail out you do decide to rage CONCLUSION The cheat is great, I loved using it. The only real critism I have is the aimbot close range and the settings dont save so i have redo them everytime