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  1. the customer support is nice and helpful when I first got the apex hacks they helped really quick and everything. overall i would say everything is a solid 8/10 would be a 10 but you really don't know how long it takes for the hacks to updated so it kind sucks. been waiting 5 days hopeful today is the day.ūüôŹ
  2. I was really unsure when bought the hacks but it worked great. I got the 1day than the- 7day one and now I have the 30-day one. one bad thing is even though there's a update and you can't use the hack it counts for the day even if you don't play so you really don't get all the time sadly but yea. I had brought the 7-day one Friday so i played sat-sun-mon and an update came out so I couldn't play Tuesday-Wednesday-half of Thursday so I lost 3 days and only played 4. So do watch out and check the dates for any updates before getting . As of right now I'm waiting for hack to be updated so I have lost 2 days so far hopeful it goes up tomorrow. BUT it is an cool hack it's fun as hell. I like to use it for fun and I really enjoy it. when I do run out I will buy againūüôĆ.