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  1. A review by a simple man : Apex Legends Regnant : As you all know battle royalle games are very popular now aday, and Apex being one of most played and best excuted BR variants out there. Players get extremely dedicated to their loot,strategies , plans and how they excute them. So going up agaisnt extremely experienced players with 10k+ kills and so its virtually impossible to beat them. So I decided to pay battlelog a visit. I had to learn the game from scratch so i purchased the 1 week program, and so far Im level 37 with a 3.7 kd and the game is much more enjoyable. THE LOADER: One of the very best I ever seen, Clean Smooth, Simple, Elegant. Very proffesional looking. Makes a guy just feel right at home, you simply copy paste ( or type if you hate yourself) your serial code into the bar, select game, it authenticates and youre ready to go. On the 19 oct and 21 oct The loader haad some issues, but I kid you not ! They got on it and LITERALY 1/2hours later a update was made, new loader , and you are ready to go. THE ESP : Very smooth with a grand arrengement of visuals to choose from, everything they advertise is there. -The 2d box are very smooth I can edit the color and the info about the player (Hp/Shield/Distance) -Aimbot FOV can be customized, something rare amoung the cheats Ive tried. THE AIMBOT Its like any other aimbots provided here at battlelog, the scripter does a good job allowing us the followoing: -Increase/Decrease FOV -Set In distance where aimbot will lock -What bone to target ( very nice to mess with streamers + charge rifle ) -And removal of recoil ( Seriosly get the charge rifle + aim bone head = 134 per shot ) THE COMMUNITY : The forums and previous reviews are very helpful, some long like this one, and some short and simple. Ive had a little bit of contact with the admins and they are promp and fast to anwser, helpful and proffesional on custumer care. There isnt much of a group as I know of consumers from battlelog like a Official discord group or unofficial . Theres tho a user on discord but I can only send a friend request since its a private profile. I wish there could be a way to get togheter and break some games togheter. I recommend these hacks to anyone with experience or without experience. You get what you pay for and for what you expect. 10/10 I would recommend ASKO
  2. Hello Everyone and Mr/Mrs Admin. I personally had the first time experiencing playing agaisnt a cheater online, guy just fell from the sky and shot everyone in the head. I had experienced spawn peeks, doc glitches, clash, shield rushes and ping abusers. But being abused like that was enough. At battlelog I found the power and possibilities to take amends to games like that. ESP extremelly smooth, and you can set the distance / hp / and player name ! So if you need to flank a blitz or Interrugate a victim, it comes in handy for info and and a extra advantage. The Provided Aimbot its just discusting, NOT IN A BAD WAY, but when I aced spawn peeked with echo and ONLY USED 5 bullets I kind of threw up a little bit in my mouth. Im yet to try the regnant hack, but being able to give the entire team Aim, its just sick. I ended up going toe to toe agaisnt Plats, Diamonds, and even a hacker with mediocre walls, and with my extensive game knowledge and that little edge battlelog provides, there was no stoping my headshot, twitch drone bully rampage. The product provided here is good, really good ! 10/10 I will re-subscribe again! The Battleye bypass works, just follow the instructions given and all should go smoothly. Here... you dont become a cheater or a hacker, In here you become a demigod. Ultimate abundancy of power and intelect, 200 IQ plays, DIAMONDCHAMPION strattegies, Tachancka lmg no recoil, Shotgun anyone through the floor! NO MORE GETTING SPAWN PEEKED and unlimited rice pudding. Recommended 100% Safety first.