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  1. Kingc99

    Tarkov Deluxe

    The deluxe package will work for the first raid and then just stop working until I restart my PC. I do not change any settings in the mod menu, it just stops. Extremely frustrating.
  2. Kingc99

    Hack Updating

    The help I have received has been very helpful on the support side of things, the process to install was overwhelming at first, but easy, nonetheless. My only issue is that my package is being "updated" within the first hour of me using it for the first time. I am not sure how long these typically take to finish updating and support cannot give me a round-a-bout answer. If anyone knows if they are typically updated within a few hours, few days, or few weeks I would love an estimated answer. I know nobody knows an exact time, it would just be nice to have a very rough estimate of when they are usually back up and running for ones needing updated in the past.