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  1. So far this cheat is REALLY GOOD. God Mode, Teleporting, Invisible on Map, Trigger BotRage Aimbot, and more with the best cheat that is the Roulette Outcome. This will get you Money to blow on anything in the game. Max you can win per 48 minutes (1 GTA day) in the casino is 4.4 Mil. How do I know because i have all the money i could ever want in this game thanks to the Roulette outcome cheat. The first thing you buy is a Penthouse in the Casino. This will get you to High Roller tables and you can bet 55k max on the roulette table. You choose the number for example 5 and put your 5k on that number and then you choose the 2 to 1 Column in this case it's the middle column. You bet 50k on that spot. That will get you 330k per spin. The spins happen roughly every minute on the roulette table. Think about that.... $330k per minute!!!!! They will eventually tell you that you cannot bet anymore once you hit 4.4mil in a GTA day. Wait 48 minutes and do it again. There is also another Casino cheat called Lucky Wheel Result. You can change the value from 0 to 100. Only thing is nobody in the support team could tell me what those numbers mean. Someone from support told me the 100 means with the lucky wheel, you'll win 100% of the time. I was just speechless. I thanked the support person as they had no idea what the numbers meant and decided to figure it out myself. So I spent basically one full day going through every number on the cheat to see the results on the Wheel and found out what each number means. (I will add this to the review at the bottom) This Cheat is well worth the price. The Teleport makes doing jobs, quests, deliveries a piece of cake. The Casino cheats give you unlimited amounts of money. Those are my 2 favorite cheats in this. Some suggestions: 1. Update the Heist planner to Cayo Perico. The casino Heist is a 2 player minimum. Cayo Perico heist can be done solo. 2. Make us stealth to the npcs. 3. A user guide/explanation on what each cheat does. There are still cheats in this thing that I dont even know what it does. Lucky Wheel Numbers are below. Set your value in the cheat and spin the wheel. 100 = Discount 95 = VEHICLE 90 = MYSTERY 85 = 25,000 Chips 80 = 20,000 Chips 75 = 15,000 Chips 70 = 10,000 Chips 65 = $50,000 60 = $40,000 55 = $30,000 50 = $20,000 45 = 15,000 RP 40 = 10000 RP 35 = 7500 RP 30 = 5000 RP 25 = 2500 RP 20 = Clothing 15 = Clothing 10 = Clothing 5 = Clothing 0 = Clothing