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  1. JustinPG4S


    Gotta say I love the new zombie hack, now this can only be used in a private match right ? or can you go into a matchmaking game pending you are host and use it as well ?
  2. JustinPG4S

    Apex Quantum

    Omg !!!!!! I have to say Apex Quantum is amazing @Frost! I just tried it last night and yeah holy smokes ! Menu is great super easy to use ! Love all the settings, I mean the whole disabling of the aimbot when people spectate you genius ! Man I made a lot of friends last night. Hack is great AAA + ! Would highly recommend and for the price and the fact that it includes the spoofer certainly was not expecting that for the price as I know they are generally only included with premium hacks.
  3. JustinPG4S

    COD Hacks

    I would like to say the COD Hacks are awesome. I have used the exclusive one the supreme one and the premium one. The exclusive one is easily my second favorite and obviously the premium one is king. The supreme one i do not like had loads of probs and the menu is not to my liking. If you are looking for one to try out go with the exclusive one. If you can afford it go with premium you will not be disappointed.