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  1. Sphinx

    Good to be back

    I'm a long time customer with apex premium back then. It's my fav hack. Since premium is gone now, i tried with quantum. not as smooth as premium before but it does the job. I only use wallhack that's why i stay safe all the time. 3-4 kills a game. play safe then account safe. It's good to be back. But still hoping apex premium will be back someday lol. Thanks to battle log team.
  2. Sphinx

    apex premium

    Hey team. haven't use hack for couple of months. Still here guys, no plans of transfering to other sites since battlelog is the best. As usual still waiting for apex premium to be alive again. Lol. Have a fresh keys that haven't been used. Hope u guys bring back premium again when it's safe. Thanks team.
  3. Sphinx

    Apex hack

    I missed apex hack especially premium. @frost when can we have fun again? Lol. Anyway u guys are doing a great job.
  4. Sphinx

    Banned topics

    I've seen some reviews about people getting banned using battlelog hacks. All i can say is that don't get carried away when using cheats. Trust me i've been there before. 12 kills a game on rank, high k/d. talking bout apex legend. Just play safe. I don't use aimbot normally coz i use controller mostly. sometimes i do. and i'm very aware of using wallhacks how to be safe. Games always update all the time. Then so is the hack. Don't use hack for like a week when u know like there's a new event coming for like a week or new season. Always play safe. i've been an apex premium user for awhile now. So for those new member using apex hacks, Play safe Don't be a gaming god all the time. lol. Thanks
  5. Sphinx

    apex premium,

    Apex Premium is back! Can't wait to use it again later on. it's the best hack. Been using it for a long time now. Thanks Team!
  6. Sphinx

    apex premium

    best cheats on apex. using it for 7 straights months. manage to hit pred season 6 split 1 and master last season. mainly used wallhack only. moderate aimbot 16 fov. more like aim assist. been banned before for playin obvious "stupidity" lol. Just play safe, 2-3 kills a game, purposely missed shots, don't abuse aimbot, wallhacks then ur good.
  7. Sphinx

    apex premium,

    i've been using apex premium for like 7 months now. cheat is awesome. but this season my game freezes most of the time for like 7 seconds and everytime it frooze, my discord audio also is affected. any apex premium has these same issues? if so how do u fix it?
  8. Sphinx

    Apex Premium

    Just wanna say this hack is awesome. I'm having hard time with the procedure but it's all good now and having a good time. Just use it smartly and u will be good. Highly recommend this site if ur looking for legit and high quality hacks. Thanks a lot ?