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  1. The software is really nice I love it's simple menu and how quick it is to change some key settings. Before I used to go to weapon tier list to see which weapon I can use to win Apex Legends games. Now it's just enjoyable because I don't need to loot for like half the game to find a certain gun that I am used to. The software takes care of the aim and stuff so it's really really good. The ability to even win games with the Mozambique is absolutely fun. I don't rely on poor support anymore, because I know where the enemy is at all times now. No more Bloodhound Q's because you heard a footstep or thought it was an enemy. I love how it even has a distance option, it makes me adjust the aim of the sniper rifle much better. So far I have played the game with the software and have not received any bans yet. The software is also easy to use and understand. No more long injecting times either. The software runs really smooth almost no fps loss which is another thing I love about it. There were other software I tested back then that had heavy FPS loss, but not this. It's like they know what they are doing. I just really love this software thank you for making it!
  2. It is a great hack! The user interface for Bionic is well made! Also it is not heavy on the CPU. Also would like to see more color schemes if possible ^-^ it looks good!