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  1. Review: One of the best undetected and working menus for the game. Although currently there's a few bugs with the current loader/cheat that I've told support about and fixes that should easily work, I have been surprised on how well it was made/designed it is and the time it takes to update the menu after a patch was release. Would recommend buying. Known Bugs (That I've Had): Crashes (I never had a problem loading the menu unless I had pre-settings set before injecting. If you load the menu without editing setting before injecting, less chance of crashes.) GameModes With Rounds [SnD, GunFight, etc] (If any Gamemodes have rounds, the aimbot will work for the first round but will not work for the rest of the rounds until new game. So pointless using aimbot for objective games until they fix it) Other than those bugs, I still love the menu.