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  1. I am a born sceptic person. I see the reviews via the forums and think "Are you real?" I bit the bullet and purchased a Apex cheat. I followed all instructions, (multi monitor user) and lone behold, it worked. I further awaited a ban. (honestly I did)....That didn't happen. I moved to my main account and further more, I'm clear! Happy days. I moved to Modern Warfare cheats. I purchased a few 24 hour codes to 'test the waters'..once again, no ban. Very impressed and convinced at this point. I am now weeks into supporting this company and it's flawless. The support side of things is brilliant. The products used are amazing. No lies or faults here. Don't hesitate. I HATE liars and people who falsely sell products online. This company is amazing. Thanks and long may you continue trading! Regards, Mike.