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  1. I almost forgot to review this one but this cheat is just as amazing as the war zone/modern warfare exclusive!! i give this a 9.9/10 only this is i hope there is a setting that i can only lock on players if they are visible but other than that the cheat was near perfection to me. (also if there was a option for the cheat to lock on people only if they are visible please let me know thanks ūüôā )
  2. I just wanna say this cheat is fucking awsome. im playing on a virtual machine called shadow and it works nice and good and i give it a 9/10 because the only con i had about it was 1. if i played search and destroy after 1-2 rounds everything works exept the aimbot but it comes back after 1-2 rounds again and the other bad thing is after 30-40 min use of aimbot it turns off my shadow/ virtual machine but other then that this cheat is awsome!!!! thank you for this