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  1. Jay was super helpful in the support chat!! I think one thing that would be great to see, and would probably make everyone's life easier is if the dev team published release notes when they add new features - since the new features are often arcane and it isn't clear what they do exactly (i.e. angle-based aimbot and ADS factor, from yesterday's update). Thanks again to the whole team for the amazing work!
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    Amazing product - I've been using it for a few months now - love to see the improvements and new features roll out :) Fantastic work by the developers, thanks so much!! One request if possible: can you add a "hide hacks" hotkey to hide all ESPs and the maphack? So we can clip videos without hacks visible. I know the BattleMode hotkey is similar, but it doesn't hide the skeleton/box ESPs, nor the maphack.