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  1. I have been with BattleLog for nearly two years now on two accounts, never been banned. It is an amazing product, however the only concern I have is last week I purchased Zeus and got the blue screen and had to end up switching keys. It was not that much of a big deal, however now Premium 2.0 on MW is not working, as the overlay does not popup. - I have been waiting for this products for weeks!! ? Does anybody have a fix for this? I have spoken too support but they are mentioning switching keys and that is really upsetting!! I want this too work, blue screen I get.. but that was zeus - this is Premium 2.0 and it is just the overlay not working!! GUYS, I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS, I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR 2 YEARS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE A CUSTOMER FOR MORE YEARS TO COME - I SPEND THOUSANDS WITH YOU AND ENJOY YOUR PRODUCTS, I JUST NEED SOMEONE WHO IS TECHNICAL AND ABOVE THE REST TO FIX MY OVERLAY ISSUE - PLEASE GUYS! From a Loyal Customer. Samuel