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  1. I have been using PREMIUM 1.0 cheats for almost a year, never got banned and something weird happened in the process, it tough me to AIM. The reason I started cheating was because I was dying constantly to hackers and I KNOW most top streamers use it too. At first, I had strong aimbot and I believe I got shadow banned one time. After like a week, it was lifted and then I started lowering down the aimbot. I started at 2, then gradually decreasing the aimbot until I got to 18 AND NOW I DONT EVEN USE AIMBOT ANYMORE....I actually LEARNED to have good aim to a point that I no longer need aimbot and im still dropping 10-15 kills per game. Now the only cheat Im using is Map hack and wall hacks and recoil control. Premium was the ABSOLUTE best cheats available. Easy to use, Crisp and Clean and ESP was constantly showing, unlike other cheats which ESP worked sometimes and sometimes not. The MAP HACK was one of the most important feature it had along with the ability to set recoil to what ever you want. I understand it was expensive, but it was worth it. I'm very certain that Premium 1.0 will be back soon, its just too good to just toss aside. Crossing my fingers and thank you so much Frost and your wonderful support team whom are always there to help via chat. #PleaseBringBackPremium1.0