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  1. JohnAlv

    Cold War Thor

    Have been absolutely loving this product. Works extremely well in every aspect mentioned. Only negative is the price. To be honest, they're steep. Exclusive for warzone is the perfect price point. I've seen this mentioned in many reviews. If the prices were around the Exclusive price point, you'd have many more returning customers and an increase in sales for your products. In the long run this means more revenue for the website and returning customers who are happy to remain loyal. It's a win-win for everyone and something worth considering if you care about gain of sales. Since Warzone is merging with Cold war on Dec, 10th. Will the current Cold War cheats update and include Warzone? I know myself and many others would appreciate this immensely as I myself can't afford to purchase two separate monthly keys. Appreciate what you guys do. I know morally speaking, this line of work ain't honest. But you're doing a huge service to those who mentally/physically can't play like they used to. Thank you.
  2. If this option is anything like the Supreme version for Warzone then I know it's going to be a great product. Im noticing that supreme still isn't running. I'm worried that when the product is finally running. It will have a lot of down time. Will this be the case moving forward? I would love to start streaming Cold War and you guys have the best stream safe options. Also, is there any way I could get in contact with you frost?
  3. JohnAlv

    Lets gooo!!!!

    I have been patiently awaiting Cold War cheats. I check roughly every two hours. When I saw the Classified option go up for sale I was super excited as I have been waiting for what seems like over a week on Cold War cheats. BAM... sold out. Every single option is sold out. Supreme is still updating and is most likely the only stream safe option. Now guys, when I say Battlelog is the best place for safe and reliable cheats. I mean it. But it is definitely frustrating as somebody who has been very patient waiting on cheats checking in daily to have nothing available. I know the wait will be worth it. As someone with an AMD processor you can't get anything better than Battlelog. P.s, any idea when Exclusive for warzone will be stream safe?
  4. I'm looking forward to using the new Cold War cheats. I have been using Warzone cheats for two months now and they have performed exceptionally well. I do wish you guys offered more stream safe options as well as an AMD variant of your Premium cheats. If only more of your cheats were priced more like Exclusive from warzone. I could buy more monthly options for different games which I'm sure would make you guys more money and keep customers happier in the long run! Also, Pierce was a nice fellow. They answered my questions quickly and confirmed what I needed to know. For anyone wondering, a spoofer protects your account from detection and will keep you ban free as long as you don't rage cheat. Keep it up team. I'll keep coming back when I can because I know that the cheats are consistently updated and kept safe for us to use. I just need more money! Kind regards, John
  5. I've been using the Classified option for about 2 weeks now and for the most part the cheats work very well. There are still issues with ESP boxes displaying after killing someone and if you toggle on these empty boxes your PC will crash. The boxes however are consistent and display well. The aimbot feature works well and can be made to look extremely realistic. The only thing I would like to see added is a way to safely stream/record while using the cheats. Nothing I've tried works so far. Overall a 8/10 experience.