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  1. rimbmore89

    EFT Leviathan

    Been using it for 2 months now and haven't been banned, for that I am pleased as previous EFT cheats have gotten me banned in only a few days. A few things could be improved on though. 1. Aimbot is not always very accurate. Misses allot if the target is running to the side. Needs to learn to lead target. 2. Seems to be aiming for the chest allot of the time which has gotten me killed many times as they can be behind cover shooting at you but all you can shoot is the hard cover below the head. Thats pretty much it. Has good aimbot but doesn't hit running targets well and seems to lock onto the body not head which can get you killed and make long range shots ineffective.
  2. rimbmore89

    EFT leviathan

    Hacks been working great for me. I only use esp, aimbot and zero recoil. Only thing that can be improved upon that I can think of is there is no way to change the aim point and it's aiming for the chest not the head. However it has been updating for several days now and I'm starting to wonder if battlelog will be abandoning it as they have done with some other cheats previously.
  3. I have been using this cheat for a few months and it works very well. In multiplayer and in warzone. I trust it to be safe, have not received any bans. I try to look legit but there has definitely been games where I have been very blatant and been accused by the entire other team of hacking, I'm sure they hit report and no bans. I highly recommend COD Exclusive
  4. rimbmore89

    Cold War Thor

    Cold War Thor works very well. Have been using it for 3 days now. Easy to inject, and i trust that it is safe to use. Cheat was created very quickly after the games release, thanks allot battlelog and Frost for making this!