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  1. Great product! I have tried multiple Cold War products and this one is really great because it is simplistic and good for my use. You may want to go to premium if you are looking for an upgraded menu and Zeus if you’re looking for Zombies help. Frost, I have had some issues with Cold War supreme causing game crashes over and over again since the big update? Is this something that is being worked on? If so, when is it expected to be fixed?
  2. Hey Frost, Really great product you guys have here. Been using this for quite a while and for the price you guys charged it is really great stuff! I really appreciate the stream safe portion of it and also all of the Zombies functionality. I did see it was taken down from the Store and has been updating for a while. Will it eventually return? Or is it going away? I don't want to spam chat and keep those guys busy but I was really liking it and loved all of the functionality. Guys if they bring this one back definitely check it out. Thanks
  3. Really great product been using it for a few months now. Really appreciate all of the detail to keep it safe for use to. Never seen the product updating this long since I have been using it. Is everything ok with it? Is there an ETA on when it will return?