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  1. claguez

    Faze Spoofer

    Hey! Just wanted to say a big ty for this, been using this spoofer for while and is great! With the release of caldera tomorrow, will we be able to use it straight away, or will there be a spoofer update we need to wait for in order to use due to richochet? Thanks and keep up the great work! ūüĎć
  2. Loving this product! Really would love if it was streamproof like supreme as supreme is very expensive. Is there any plans on making a more affordable stream proof option other than supreme? Also with the radar in exclusive, is there a zoom setting that would make it more accurate? Is the lower the zoom number more accurate? Any plans on making the radar show whether the enemy player is above or below your current position ? Thank you guys, love it
  3. Hey all , Just wondering if this is safe to use , the status says its updated, but i just want to confirm it has been. If it has, good work that was quick! Thanks guys
  4. claguez

    Exclusive v2

    Hi, Absolutely love the new v2 version of this. Only issue I have is with the boxes on enemies with esp on. In v1 it turned from red to green when the enemy was visable, but on v2 its always red, is there a way to change this so we know when the enemies are visable again? Thanks guys!
  5. Hey, Been using exclusive since around august 2020 , just wondering if there is a link to v1? I can see v2 but cant find a download for v1 , also is the no recoil fixed? thanks all
  6. claguez

    Exclusive user

    Very happy with the product been using for a few weeks now. Only complaint I have is that the skeleton for the ESP isnt accurate , and is sometimes a few meters in front of where the enemy actually is making it hard to target them properly. Is there anyway to adjust it to be more accurate?