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    I love the exclusive hacks but the only downside I’ve noticed is it causes the game to lag. When I’m not running the tool it’s runs completely fine but when the tool is injected I get big random lag spikes.
  2. I have been a long time customer of the exclusive and have loved it but the only thing that would make it a little bit better is to be stream proof. So I upgraded to the Supreme and although the stream proof feature is nice the exclusive have has way more features. The anti recoil for the supreme is mediocre at best and could use some work. If the Exclusice anti recoil was implemented into the Supreme it would be on point. That is my only complaint.
  3. l7IESEL

    Cod Premium

    I’ve used the exclusive fir a while and it’s been great all around. I decided to upgrade and checkout the premium. I’m impressed with all the perks that the premium comes with but aimbot wise I feel like the exclusive locks on better than the premium. I may not have the correct settings but I’ve played with them a bit. Overall great hack.