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  1. WARZONE EXCLUSIVE: very easy to to inject and simple and clean looking menu, honestly its 9.5/10 for me and can easily hit 10/10 with 1-2 little fixes which i will explain; NO RECOIL - works perfectly fine but i noticed after few matchs (dont think theres an exact time of length) ive noticed it randomly just starts snapping hard (like it will force snap you to look all the way up or down etc) then after the snap if you dont move mouse its forcing ur cursor to move slowly in a direction, usually fixes itself after maybe 30-45 secs but still it looks bad if your being spectated lmao hopefully that can be investigated and looked at. ESP - honestly its perfect and doesnt take up alot of space but it would be really nice if you could fix the esp on dead bodies that have died and left because sometimes an empty esp box stays on a spot someone died but doesnt dissappear until some time. a little bug ive noticed happens sometimes on trios or squads when you open menu it has a spaz attack like forcefully starts increases digits etc on the option u highlight and cant counter it until you start another match which sometimes fixes it or have to restart game and injection. COLD WAR THOR: Honestly the zombies feature is just 10/10 cant really ask for anymore lmao good job on it! Multiplayer is nice to have that esp info, but it really needs a visibility check and bone esp would be an awsome feature too, aimbot isnt too great needs improvement but its usable. Main one is visibility check it defo needs that asap! Love your work guys im a loyal customer keep it up! OT: i got shadow banned on warzone again cuz of broken dmr i seen alot of people have it too, like streamers and etc so i guess i got to wait another week to play warzone again :P
  2. Warzone exclusive: I got shadowbanned a week ago and thought i was going to get perm banned like last time from using a diffrent website cheats but god damn my account is back to normal and just proves how strong battlelogs security is and truly is undected and they work hard to keep ot that way, warzone exclusive is the best and simple to use, the bone esp could be reduced a little takes alot of space. Cold war thor: Its undected too so far been using for 2 weeks, zombies is awsome really love it and makes unlocking camos easy as fuck, the tp to cursor could be tweaked abit so they are abit more further away from you so you can unlock launcher camos easily but its perfect. Multiplayer is ok but needs the aimbot to be improved and defo need a visibility check, and should have diffrent colours for when enemey is visible or not. Best cheats website with great support keep it up!!
  3. KDon

    Cold war thor

    I really love the simple ejection just like warzone exclusive, runs really smooth and is a nice advantage but there stills to be alot improvements. Firstly please please add visibility check. The aimbot is locking and dragging onto people through walls which is not good, with visibility check that should hopefully fix that issue. Secondly the esp can you please make it like warzone exclusive where the rectangle is say for eg blue colour on enemies but when they become visible it turns to red please will make life alot easier and not end up shooting object alot of times xd. Aimbot is not bad can sometimes miss or has a wierd drag effect too but maybe visibility check will improve that? Ive only done multiplayer, ive yet to try zombies and hopefully all zombie options will be back? Layout is perfect and easy to use and follow! Kerp up the good work i really love it!! Cant wait for the improvements and best support/live chat here guys!!
  4. KDon

    cod exclusive

    its very nice, lots of features to play around with, there is a bug ive noticed with the esp box on players that when players have died the square still stays there for a while but there is nobody in that square. It would be awsome if the esp box on players could be improved for example, the box is always a red colour pretty much so you cant tell if they visible or not unless you have skeleton enabled, so having the box colour red when not visable and green when they are visible would be great. The skeleton always doesnt seem to work on all ranges noticed it works more when enemies are closer. aim bot is ok but needs alot of improvment because if u set it to eg head only it doesnt predict it enough over distance or w.e just bounces above the person or is below the head and isnt hitting just misses. but other than that i love how simple it is to use and safe/undetected! keep up the work!!