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  1. First of all, I hope you had a nice family Christmas for the whole team and members of battlelog. and I wanted to thank the great work that the team battle does for its members, the truth is I have been testing Cold War Thor and it is a marvel, and the special zombies mode is great, a great job from the admins and the team in general, keep it up they're great thanks
  2. I think the same, I have had the pleasure of using the CoD Supreme and Exclusive packs and I have been liking the exclusive more the only thing that it does not have is a safe stream and record test is the difference between both packs, my opinion remains with exclusive I like it is perfect for me, I don't want anyone to get mad at me both packs are perfectly good just like the others
  3. I wanted to point out that I have had a very good experience using their products, they do a great job with the quality that we members expect, the service is excellent, they help in everything the customer deals with, you never have doubts, they bring very good offers of promotion, they compensate you for the inactive time, and they work very hard day by day to continue giving us the best, so my respects and keep it up thanks 10/10
  4. The first thing I want to say and thank the battlelog team. They are very professional, the attention is immediate and they take into account every concern of each client and member, and they help everyone very quickly, what they do is very professional indeed, thank you very much for the excellent work. In my personal opinion I think that the CoD Supreme is the best, I have been using it and everything works perfect for me except the aimbot, I was trying different configurations for hours to solve it and I could not put it effectively, I would like to continue with that 10/10 pack, If someone had the same problem and has already solved it, please help me, I would be grateful, for now I had to go back to the exclusive, which is really good, also 10/10, the only thing it does not have to record and stream safely, I hope you can help thanks in advance
  5. Well, the first thing I want to share is that it is perfect how the pack works, everything fine 10/10 but, I have doubts when it comes to the time they give for each key, because it consumes me time without being connected or without using the key, normally it should not