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  1. Thank you for your continued hardwork on making the Exclusive warzone a easy to use program... I have been using it for many months now and cant see myself using anything else. The team here is on top of things and when there is down time from updates at warzone they are quick to get yout back and going. For the loader V2 version I know that this is a work in progress and I know that most of the features from Exclusive will transfer over as the people that use exclusive love the way it operates. Just a few things that I have seen that could improve on loader V2 vs. the original and chances are they are already working on it. 1. Keep the font size the same as exclusive. The V2 has too big of a font. 2. The deep red color of the boxes is ok.... But the brighter red worked better. 3. What i would call the "color warmth" of the enemies on the Rader from yellow to red on the original works very well and helps to now who is close and far. The V2 does not have this and it get confusing when many are around who i need to focus on first. 4. the white wire frame of the character is fine, but can you make it more of a off white almost grey color. This would help but not priority Thanks again for all your help and continuing to make exclusive working. Also anyone that is reading this. I have changed back to MW operators and have not crashed as much... Maybe 2 times a day in a 8-10 hours season. I have switched back to the original until V2 is better or im forced to use it.
  2. I have been using exclusive for some time now and love it. I have seen people post about the crashes. I have also experienced this. What i have done is switches operators. I have been using the stock version of stitch and he seems to only crash once a day. And that is a 8-10 hour play almost everyday. If people are experiencing multiple crashes in a day. try to switch operators. Also do a full restart after the crash and really anytime you start the game up.