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  1. leg24


    From my long research Battlelog is the best you'll get, and they don't have hidden charges from third party payments. A very nice thing is once you become familiar on Batllelog, you can be in and out in 1-2 mins. I have about 20 days of playing time on cold war and 10 days on warzone, so you guy's get the idea how the injections are very undetectable. (not saying to go shoot everyone through walls but it's possible to avoid a bans)
  2. leg24

    Cold War Supreme

    Wanted to know what a 2.90 KD can do with just ESP on... so I ended up going 71-0 in one day of playing. I play on controller without the aimbot, so half of the time people were left clueless saying “you just don’t really know anymore”