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  1. Hey frost! I've got 7 days on my trial and I'm about to purchase another. I'm still on the first exclusive loader and I think it still works great! Should I or am I suppose to use the new exclusive loader? Is everything the same? I use esp and need to make sure visual check ( the one that turns red and blue) works. Thanks for all your hard work frost! Greatest out there!
  2. Hey Frost! Love the exclusive! Been using it for almost 5 months now and plan on purchasing another couple months! But..seeing all these posts and tweets about people getting banned and an anti-cheat coming for we have anything to worry about?
  3. Aznmutt


    Hey Frost! Love the exclusive pack for warzone. My subscription just ended and I was gonna purchase again (maybe 3 months worth). But..does the exclusive pack work for rebirth warzone and regular warzone? Or will I have to purchase both separately?
  4. Aznmutt


    Just got done with my one month subscription and about to order a week subscription now cause cold war warzone is coming out. Hands down best hack! Will you guys have an exclusive hack for the cold war warzone coming out on dec. 16? Also will there be an option to record esp proof? Thank you guys so much for making this the best hack!
  5. Aznmutt


    I purchased 7 days and it finishes today..planning on getting a 1 month subscription cause it's to good not to get!! Also can anyone show me how to record while hiding my hacks? Not streaming just recording.