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  1. I came back to Warzone Exclusive after 6 months (got 2 bans back then) and it really improved in the meantime when it comes to stability and functionality. No errors during the game and feature with UAV always ON is true deal breaker for me. It's all what I need and works much better than separate map as it was before. I have just a couple of questions which would be nice maybe add to instructions too... 1. What should I do when I inject cheats, open Battle net and then COD starts update? Is it problematic from cheat detection perspective? Should COD be updated always before injecting cheats? 2. Are there any certain scheduled COD maintenance windows around which it's better not to play? Like some timings when COD release weekly updates or so? Asking just to decrease a possibility of being caught. With using UAV only I'm not afraid about user reports.
  2. Hi there, I'm thinking about re-purchasing Warzone Exclusive, however there's a question about new anticheat. It's rolled out since 2 days or so, but I didn't even notice any downtime (all the cheats were online)? Does it mean that everything still works and this kernel stuff was not an issue at all?
  3. I'm already in my second 30-days subscription so I can say a bit... First of all - so far I'm still on the same account - no detection. That's pretty important. I used EO before and I got banned after 5 days at the time when I was not even playing. There was a bunch of people getting bans there after each update. Here - 30 days - no troubles and as I see some people play much longer than me. Price is extremely high (basically cost of new PC game each month) so for me it will be basically tough choice buy / not buy every month. Hope it will be lower some time in the future, however I also understand a need of continuous development due to game updates. Regarding features - it has definitely more than I need. Basically I use ESP only. Works good except of some problems with showing on radar enemies that are already dead, but I got used to it. I have 2 feature proposals (if someone read it): - Showing health bar is useless as this bar recovers to full really fast. It would be extremely useful though to show number of plates that opponent is wearing. That's what really matters. - Would be nice to have option to save settings. I know that in pre-gameplay GUI there's "save" button, but it does nothing to me. Every time I start the launcher I need to fill the settings again. Maybe there's something bugged. All in all - great job guys! I appreciate that everything is up and running reasonably stable and time for adjustments after COD updates is much shorter than in your competition. Nicely done! 9/10 in total! :)