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  1. COD WZ Exclusive is probably the best hack I have ever used. I used it for 8 months straight and never got banned until now. However it was my fault because I was playing to suspiciously. Don't let that stop you from buying though! Great hack with great support. It is updated as soon as there is an update as well. It's amazing. Also Frost is there anyway to get/buy a COD trace file cleaner? I really would like one since I can't reinstall my OS right now! I tried buying it but it's out of stock.. Thanks man
  2. Holy hell I have been using this cheat for MONTHS and it is so consistent. Every feature of the cheat works perfectly and it is never down for more than like 30 minutes. Whenever Warzone gets updated it cannot even touch Frost's godly abilities. This cheat is so fucking great man. This shit is professional af. Thanks Frost! Have a good Christmas my dude. Sidenote: Is there anyway you could make a separate EXTERNAL cheat? I would gladly pay for one. It doesn't even need all the features, just ESP or something.
  3. Honestly it's pretty damn good. Great price with very simple instructions on how to set it up. They give you a video to follow and it works like a charm. I appreciate Battlelog for creating an easy experience. As for the cheats ingame, they work perfectly and I have not been banned