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  1. Fantastic job guys! No crashes what’s so ever. The only problem I’m now currently facing is I get huge frame drops whenever I play warzone but when I play multiplayer it’s fine! Idk if it’s from recent updates but before I didn’t get frame drops. Hope it’s cleared soon! Thank you!
  2. Man where to begin! Exclusive is amazing! I personally only use the no recoil, and ESP. I loved it until I experienced crashing every time now. I’ve reduced it 200-100 and I still get it unfortunately. But once that’s fixed I’d be happy to repurchase! As for the Leviathan. Beautiful done! The ESP is very very outstanding! I’m hoping in the near future they add no recoil exactly like exclusives. I feel exclusives no recoil is actually perfect very every single gun! I use controller so I don’t use aimbot at all. But that being said, I’m hoping for these future updates, so I can subscribe again!