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  1. Have used many different cheat providers previously, Battlelog by far have the best support team I've dealt with, fast to respond 24/7, helpful and put up with my negative attitude on one occasion too ? sorry about that. Have been using CW Premium 7 Day for the past 2 days with no issues what so ever. It's a little more technical to setup then other versions but worth it for the safety aspect I guess. Assuming Battlelog is a reseller as I have purchased this exact same cheat from elsewhere, unless they are infact the developer? Couple downsides are that a few options in the menu are greyed out such as 'Unlock All Skins' and 'Unlock All Attachments' because I apparently don't own the better version, which is unfortunate because at the pricepoint of $75 USD or $102 AUD that should include all options. Adding a feature to save custom settings in the menu would also be nice because having to re-set all the options every launch gets annoying. Other than that I have nothing negative to say about Battlelog or the product I've bought. Would highly recommend. Cheers!