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  1. Absolutely loving this site, I am now almost one month in and have purchased 5 items already including day passes, week passes, month passes and spoofers! I have contacted support a couple of times and they have been extremely helpful. All of that means I am already considering VIP packages and if permitted some exclusive hacks that come with it. For warzone I am using MW/Warzone exclusive and have no complaints at all, I am using esp skeleton only, sometimes no recoil and radar. I will buy again when the time runs out but hopefully there will be a duel cold war/warzone hack soon. Only thing I don't use is aim bot since I have a scuff controller and they just don't seem compatible even following the controller on pc guide. If I am not on warzone I am on Black ops using the THOR CW hack which I love just as much, like exclusive I just use the esp and radar. I spend most of the time on zombies though as I have found this very good for boosting ranks and guns, I do this by bringing the zombies to center cursor, lowering their health and locking my trigger on (using scuff controller) and leaving the game to rank up to around level 50. I can then go away and do other things and come back in the room later to end the match and restart it. Doing this I have boosted many guns very quickly. I think using this method once the two games merge I will reach level 1000 very quickly! My only small gripe with THOR is that it doesn't contain all weapon camo like the other hacks. I'd love this to be added soon. Especially as it is clear it can be done. I know you guys are always on top of what the community here wants and I hear you are working on something new but I'd just like to say I really hope you release a all in one hack with as much as possible which covers black ops, zombies AND warzone and includes the likes of, STREAM SAFE - this is huge for a lot of us!, ESP, AIM BOT, RADAR, NO RECOIL and ALL CAMO. You'd be surprised how much people would pay for something like this ? Thanks Battlelog keep it up! P.S Please make every hack available for AMD not just INTEL there seems to be some that are limited INTEL.