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  1. syntx


    As you all know, a new anticheat is being released with Warzone Pacific. I was wondering what is the opinion of the developers about the new anti cheat "Ricochet" ? Will this site still provide undetected cheats for Warzone? Are you guys planning on increasing the prices? Thank you for everything...
  2. syntx

    Game Crashes

    I want to say that Battlelog is doing a great job keeping customers safe and provides great service. However there is one problem that has been happening way too frequently recently (specifically after the menu change in leviathan). My game has been crashing like every 4-5 games due to cpu overload (that's what I think). I can't even use discord because there is so little space available for my cpu when I run it with the cheat open. Yesterday my friend played in my computer for 8-9 hours, WITHOUT the cheat, and it didn't crash one time! So I would like to ask you guys what can I do? I already used the support chat, I have sent them ss of the error and they told me that it was about the game and I should reinstall the game which I did, and I am still getting crashes when I use the cheat. Thanks in advance, much love ❤️
  3. Love the product, however with the recent update the menu is very different. It is very neat and simple to use but having shortcut keys is a must for most of us. Please bring back the same shortcut keys, thanks in advance!!!