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  1. Apex leviathan cheat Really been loving this hack, it's not overpriced and really easy to use. The aimbot is perfect, so is the item esp and player esp After you added it so we could lover the aimbot FOV even lower than 50, it got even better The only thing I would like to see being added, is the option to make it so you can't lock on to a target if they are behind a wall/ not visible. And make it so people who are knocked down won't be locked on to. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing potentially new stuff added in the future:D
  2. So i wanna start with how well made the Leviathan menu is made. It has everything you could need. customizable esp hack for items. And normal esp for players. Considering the price, its 100% worth it and easy to use. the only thing i wish to se added, is the option to make the aimbot fov even lower than 50. It would make the aimbot harder to notice, and it would give us player the option to make the aimbot more of an aim assist with a smaller radius. I will definetly be trying the other options for apex. But so far leviathan is a solid 9.5/10!
  3. Been using the cold war supreme menu for about 1 week. Its amazing. everything works. The only down side about this menu is that it sometimes locks on to people through walls, and i feel like the aimbot is a bit obvious even on the lowest settings? This might just be me who is doing the settings wrong. Ive also used the WZ exclusive cheat, one option id like to see is the option to not lock on until visible. Im guessing it aint that easy. Other than that id recommend getting this cheat if you want to dominate the field;)
  4. the first thing i wanna say, is if you are looking for a 10/10 menu, then this is it. All the features are explained, they work 99% of the time. and if it does ever go down, your Subscription is paused until its back up! After the new season update, my game starter crashing more, and the menu itself had some minor issues. Just now i saw that all active Subscriptions got 3 days added. Most devs/people in general would prob never do this. as they would lose money. But what battlelog does is create trust with their customers. Same goes with the live support. they are always doing their best to make sure we get the help we need and the answers we are looking for. Ive usually only bought the 1 week or the 24 hour option. But IF you can afford it, i would honestly just do the 31 day one. Great value, and if the menu is ever down, you wont lose your time. Now i dont usually do reviews/feedback post's like this. But battlelog definitely deserves the +rep. If you are readin this frost, i want to say thank you to you and your team. Keep up the good work. And to anyone else who might be reading this. if you still are unsure if this is the right menu for you, watch the video where they go through all the settings and options, or contact me and i will gladly help ?
  5. This has to be one of the best types of menu's ive ever tried for warzone. Its easy to use and took me 5 min after buying to use it! +rep for sure But i have a question, Can spectators see your esp or no? I know other menu's have it so they can see it. Not sure about this one tho. Thanks for this awesome menu and thanks for reading.