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    Hello. First of all, I am not good at English because I am Korean. Please understand. First, "customer service perpesentatives" is so kind and responsive. I'm very satisfied with that. Next, I've been using the Valo duplex product for a month, and I'd like to give you a detailed review rather than saying that it's better than other products. The 'valo dulex' is a natural movement behind the wall, the box esp does not interfere with when enemy identification. I'm very satisfied with it. I want to give product 10/10 in terms of product function and performance. But if there's anything that's bummer, When i use "omega spoofer" and "valo dulex," i don't get a ban in "asia server" or i get very little In 'kr server', once in 2 to 3 rounds, it is baned in up to 12 hours. There are no security programs, no other interference programs, and this is something I learned from a month's experience. So, I asked the customer service perpesentatives, and I wrote an article as a review because they said that you can get a direct answer from the manager if you use . I will continue to use Battlelog and I love you :)