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  1. The aimbot works good as well as the ESP.. My complaint is that the ESP is only a box and health. I loved the Warzone / MW cheat where you could see a skeleton it also helped me with depth perception of how far an enemy was away and make it easier to pick targets. My complaint with the Aimbot is that it will lock onto people behind walls. I am using the smallest FOV and not even trying to aim at them but then it will start tracing a guy across the map when I am planning on shooting someone 30m away and then end up losing the gunfight. As well it looks very sketchy and probably will end up getting reported. I overall will say it does do the job. It does lock when it catches someone within the FOV. I just wish it was the same as the MW cheat. The user interface, esp, and aimbot. I am a little disappointed with this one to be honest after coming from Warzone and MW Overall I would give it a 6.5/10
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    MW Cheats

    Been playing warzone and love it. Cheat works phenomenal. Had a bit of a hiccup setting up but the chat box was super helpful as well believe it or not. Been playing 6+ hours a day and going 15-25 kills a game and no issues Cant wait to try the Rust cheat next wanting to see more reviews