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  1. Hey all, First of let me say that these hack are the best around and you will not get banned if you use them correctly. Things to add or change: 1) the field of view for some of the call of duty hacks need to have smaller FOV, i want a very small FOV since my aim is pretty good to snap onto somebody, but most of the cod hacks don't go that small, and even the smooth rate needs to be the same across all you hacks. some are to snappy even on your lowest setting. 2) the messages on top of the screen when somebody is aiming at you or how many players in an area need to go. nobody wants those in the hack and from my perspective, trying to stream or record clips it is not needed in any of the hacks little messages on top of the screen, or put an option to hide them on all your hacks. ****************3) This one is what is important***************** - there needs to be a function in the hack that kicks us out of the hack if you go into it and perform maintenance on it. this is how i got Hardware banned. i was using it, and before i stated the status page said "working" then after an hour of playing i got kicked out and received a full ban for cheating. when i went back to the status page, they were working on it. how am i supposed to know to stop using it if you don't send a message or kick me out of the system. Besides that i wish i didn't have to disconnect me other 2 monitors to use these hacks. I am still using these hacks and they are the best around, just the above improvements in the Call of duty Games would be best especially #3. Shout out to the team they are the best.
  2. Morning ALL, I just want to give the team a huge shout out for there work, support and the outstanding job they do, thank you. So Cold War Supreme is a great hack. everything runs smooth and the esp is 100 percent true. I am hoping they can add a "Visible only option" since the aimbot is a little to strong, even with max smoothing level 10 and the FOV down to the smallest of 20. This aimbot needs to be smoothed out and tweaked. Besides the aimbot being to strong and locks onto your target behind walls, This Hack gets it done and im happy to have it. Wish Premium could of worked for but it did not. i would get the yellow circle and then the menu but it would go away when the game loaded. Overall a very happy 8/10 Looking to try some Over watch in the future.
  3. Hey all, Bought supreme yesterday and was very upset at the product, but they worked on it and its 1000%better. the aimbot sometimes flicks to the nearest visible enemy and my FOV is only on 30 which is pretty small but it make me do a 90 degree turn. the 2d boxes are fixed besides when people get in vehicles they go away or if people are snaking. the aim bot work super aggressive the first time you aim at the enemy but if you re aim at the same person it not reactive at all which should be a small fix. i found this out trying to smooth out game play by shooting hit and then re challenge and finish them but the second time is under your own aim. Overall from yesterday i would say a solid 8/10, this would be perfect if they could take exclusives aimbot and 3D boxes and implement it i wouldn't doubt this would be a solid 10/10. Very impressed at the fixes and update.